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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren The everyday super car for the super rich. Regular mortals can always resort to ownership of a SLR scale model. Jeremy Clarkson happily describe why this car deserves a place in your collection.  Advertisements

Mercedes McLaren SLR on 20″ Forgiato Andata Wheels

Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster   Like its closed relative the SLR Roadster is constructed almost entirely from carbonfibre. The semi-auto top needs manually unlocking from the windscreen. Mercedes claims conversations at speeds over 120mph are possible due to good aero-acoustics. The material for the SLR Roadster’s hood allows it to match the 206 mph top speed of the SLR Coupe. The supercharged V8 […]

Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 New Mercedes-Benz SLR “722 Edition”: Born on the racetrack. Refined in numerous respects, this super sports car has more output, tailor-made suspension and interior.

Mercedes-Benz SLR

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McLaren F1