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Bentley Continental GTC tuning from ASI ASI was established in Nagoya, Japan in December 2007, and is now aggressively developing tuning for Bentley automobiles. Accuracy, Spirit, Imagination, ensures the highest level of quality, all ASI parts are entirely Made in Japan. Advertisements

Bentley Continental GTC Le Mansory wide-body The “Le” in Le Mansory and the limited production of 24 wide-bodies hint at the 24 hours of Le Mans. Carbon fibre lends the convertible some racing flair. While the side skirts and fenders honour the widebody definition. A trunk spoiler and quad exhausts complete the rear end. Black forged 22″ wheels from Mansory finishes […]

Bentley GTC Cabrio Tuned by MTM

Bentley Continental Flying Spur with Strut grills

Bentley Continental GT on HRE Wheels

Bentley Continental GT Coupe This luxury coupe has managed to bring Bentley into the next millennium without dishonoring its heritage. If the Continental GT Coupe is beyond your budget you should at least consider a scale model.  

The Brooklands Coupé features the most powerful V8 Bentley ever produced. The twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre powerplant produces 530 hp 1050Nm of torque. Deliveries of this hand-assembled machine are expected to start in 2008. Production will be limited to 550 units.