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The 2008 MINI Clubman made its North American debut at the 2007 Los Angeles International Auto Show bowing to the audience with its rear-end first! This all new addition to the MINI family will go on sale in the US February 19th, 2008 as both a Cooper and a Cooper S model. The MINI Cooper Clubman will be offered with a MSRP of $20,600 while the MINI Cooper S Clubman will come with a MSRP of $24,100.

The MINI Clubman is the modern successor to the legendary classics Morris Mini Traveller, Austin Mini Countryman, and Mini Clubman Estate. However, the MINI Clubman retains all the functionality, handling and performance characteristics that one expects in a thoroughly modern MINI. The MINI Clubman paves the way into a totally-new market segment while showcasing MINI’s leadership in the premium small car segment. With its hallmark design elements, the MINI Clubman is clearly a MINI from every angle. Yet it is the MINI Clubman’s unique rear-end design and new proportions that distinguish it from other members of the MINI family. The all-new MINI Clubman offers a compelling attribute – an additional 9.45 inches in body length and a wheelbase extended by 3.15 inches. Rear seat passengers now enjoy 3.15 inches more legroom compared to the MINI hardtop. The “Clubdoor” swings open in the opposing direction to the front door to eases access to the rear seats. Without an exterior handle, the Clubdoor is integrated unobtrusively into the body design of the MINI Clubman but can only be opened with the front door open. The rear doors are further highlighted with the C-pillars painted in a contrasting silver or black finish. Despite its slightly longer proportions the MINI Clubman retains MINI’s typical “wheels at the four corners” stance and the car’s driving characteristics still offer the legendary go-kart feeling unique to MINI.

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