Bentley GTC by MTM


Bentley Continental GT Cabrio GTC Tuning by MTM

Bentley GTC Cabrio Tuned by MTM

MTM named the car after Sir Henry Ralph Stanley “Tim” Birkin, 3rd Baronet, who was one of the original Bentley Boys of the 1920’s. Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH offers two kits: For its entry-level mod, MTM boosts the power of the W12 engine by tuning the ECU to achieve 635 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque.
Stage II adds a stainless steel MTM sports exhaust kit with high-flow catalyst and mufflers. Increasing output up to 650 hp and 795 Nm of torque.
The 0-62 mph sprint takes just 4.2 seconds, 0.6 seconds less then a standard Bentley GTC. A 331 km/h top speed was established on the Nardo test track. MTM also offers to lower the electronic suspension system as well as 21″ alloys.The only exterior mod, other than the 21″ Bimoto wheels and staggered exhaust pipes is the rear apron.


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