BMW M5 Hamann WideBody


BMW M5 Hamann WideBody Edition Race Hamann Motorsport E60 M5
BMW M5 with Edition Race WideBody kit from Hamann Motorsport 

For those who think BMW’s fastest saloon is too stealthy, Hamann Motorsport created the Edition Race. The Edition Race front bumper is a direct replacement and features a larger central air intake with mesh grille, brake cooling ducts and a pair of driving lights. The new side skirts do more than visually connect the front and rear arches. Wind tunnel testing proved they lower turbulence around the tires, improving the drag coefficient. The rear arch extensions are two-piece, one on the rear door and one on the rear wings. They merge into the new rear bumper with its big cut-out for the four exhaust tips and small diffuser aerofoil below. The roof spoiler helps to clean up separating air before it spills down to the boot spoiler.

Filling out the bigger arches requires some serious rolling stock. Hamann recommends its 21″ wheels: nine inches wide up front, 10.5 at the rear with 255/30-21 and 295/25-21 tires respectively. Hamann has opted for lowering spring that drops the ride height 1.2 inches in front and one inch at the back. Hamann’s big brake kit uses 15-inch vented discs in front, clamped by massive 8-pot alloy calipers. The stock rear brakes recieves uprated pads. Although wide wheels and tires look good and boost handling and grip, they eat into acceleration and top speed because of their extra drag.

A modest power boost of 20 hp maintains the BMW M5’s stock performance. Hamann offers three stages of engine tuning for the M5. The first of these simply deletes the 155 mph top speed limiter, enabling a standard car to reach 200 mph. Hamann’s big wheel-and-tire combinations limit that to 186 mph, illustrating the negative impact that drag from larger footwear has on straight-line performance.


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