Rinspeed exaSis Concept


Rinspeed Concept Car

Rinspeed eXasis Concept

Frank M. Rinderknecht collaborated with Bayer – one of the largest plastics producers in the world – on a car with completely transparent body and floor made of Makrolon®. The Rinspeed eXasis concept celebrates its 30th anniversary while Bayer presented the first “all-plastic car” 40 years ago.

The third vehicle to emerge from the cooperation with Bayer is a completely new development thus not based on a production vehicle. The shiny yellow body with the exposed wheels looks like a mix of the legendary Auto-Union racing cars and an off-road vehicle In the rear there’s an integrated ventilator and a polished Remus exhaust muffler. The transparent body provides a clear view on the lightweight, 150 hp snow-mobile engine fueled with bio-ethanol. The compact 2-cylinder 750 ccm Weber engine has only 750 kg of lightweight plastic construction to shift. 22-inch Pirelli P Zero tyres are mounted on forged five-spoke AEZ wheels with transparent inlays.

The outer Makrolon® shell coated with a tinge of yellow reveals the vehicle’s load-bearing aluminum chassis. Custom KW spring and shock absorber units vertically in the front and horizontally at the rear. The chassis finished in a chrome effect looks as if it has been cut from a solid piece of material, and in fact the bulkheads are. The eXasis offers room for two people, one behind the other. The two occupants sit in special Recaro seats, each consists of twelve transparent Makrolon® ribs – the same number as a human being. The head restraint and armrests are made of transparent Technogel®.Two transparent displays appear to hover on both sides in the driver’s field of vision. By touching them, various functions can be displayed and controlled.


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