Porsche Carrera 997 Gemballa


Porsche Carrera 997 Gemballa

Porsche Carrera 997 Gemballa

Porsche customizer Gemballa uses the Carrera 997 as a base for its GT 380 model. The high-performance pipes, sports catalysts and rear mufflers with four tailpipes resonate the sounds of the 3,8 l boxer engine. Gemballa’s Powerkit produces 378 hp, 23 hp more than the standard 997 model. The GT body-kit consists of a front bumper, ventilated bonnet, side skirts with air intake and a rear spoiler. All body components have been optimized in the wind tunnel.

Gemballa equips the Porsche 911 with a suspension cross-brace and stainless steel coil-over suspension. Aluminium suspension subframe bearings at the rear axle keep the car stable at full speed. Front and rear adjustable stabilizer bars make it stick in the corners. The rubber-wrapped 19-inch Gemballa Racing II wheels bring the power to the streets. A short-shift reduces travel by 40 percent and helps the Gemballa GT 3,8 l reach 62 mph in 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 183 mph. The 340 mm Gemballa sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals and mats underline the exclusive interior finish.


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