Ferrari F430 Black Miracle


Ferrari F430 Black Miracle Tuning Hamann

Ferrari F430 with enhanced styling and performance from Hamann Motorsport

The matt black body is inspired by racing where matt black is used to reduce glare. Aerodynamic parts, side mirrors, wheels and brake calipers are finished in a contrasting colors. The front spoiler provides racing flair and minimizes lift at the front while the rear diffuser and wing provide press on the Ferrari rear axle. Special wings on the side skirts and new suspension springs give the Black Miracle its aggresive stance. Wing doors, tinted rear lights and a coloured engine frame are optional extra’s. Dark tinted windows hide a custom leather interior finished with Hamann logo’s in the head rests.

A reprogrammed ECU and full exhaust system including headers, catalyst and new rear silencer boost power by 50 hp. Forged 20″ Hamann 3-piece wheels transfer the power in forward motion. The “Edition Race” wheel measures 8,5 x 20 (tires 235/30-20) on the front and 12,75 x 20 (tires 325/25-20) on the back. The rear wheels weigh 15,45 kg a piece, not bad considering the 20-inch size and the power they need to handle.



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