Porsche 977 Turbo TechArt


Porsche 977 Turbo Techart

Porsche 977 Turbo TechArt

The guys from Zuffenhausen improved yet another creation from Stuttgart.
Asthetic options are now on offer to complement TechArt’s perfromance upgrades.

Wind tunnel testing and OEM grade materials guarantee functionality up to Porsche’s standards. Front and rear spoilers improve the aerodynamics but not every bit of the kit delivers. The sides skirts, mirror moldings and rear valance do nothing more then spoil the eye.

TechArt leaves only one option for the wheels, you either select 19″ for optimum performance or 20″ for maximum attention.

Eibach developed springs that reduce the arch-wheel gap 20 millimeters.
Bilstein developed a more complex system for Porsche Turbo’s with the optional PASM.
The VarioPlus suspension combines PASM functionality with adjustable coil-overs.

More information can be found in the Porsche 977 Turbo TechArt brochure.


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