Audi R8


Audi R8 SuperCar Audi Automobile Review
Mid-engined V8 Sports Car

At the Frankfurt Motorshow in 2003, it was called the Audi Le Mans and featured a V10. Three and a half years later Audi’s fastest production car ever goes in production. Audi plans to produce 15 R8’s a day.

The 4.2 FSI engine produces 414 hp and was first seen in the RS4 saloon. The V8 got a dry sump and a redesigned exhaust system so it delivers even more thrust.The Audi R8 is more then a restyled Lamborghini Gallardo with an RS4 engine. The four wheel drive system, for example, is entirely different and although the two cars share the same gearbox the R8’s ratios are bespoke. With pricing from $109,000 the Audi R8 is a direct rival to the Porsche Carrera.

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