Lambo Light


Lambo Light Gallardo

Lamborghini joins the battle between the Ferrari Stradale and “Porsche GT3.
A carbon fibre diet compensates the weight of the four wheel drive system.
Extra power, new wheels and a bigger rear spoiler compensate the premium over a standard model.

Weight reduction

Lamborghini managed to shave 70 kg of the Gallardo using a mix of carbon fibre and polycarbonate. The cosmetic advantages of the diet can be admired in the rear view mirror, engine cover and spoiler. 
And there’s more then meets the eye. The underbody cover is made from carbon fibre and some of the glass has been replaced with transparent polycarbonate.
On the inside we find carbon on the door panels and on the back of the Alcantara covered seats.


The latest version of Lamborghini’s well-known V10 reaches 530 hp @ 8,000 rpm. Improved breathing and software tuning released another 10 hp.

power to weight ratio of 2.5 kg/hp
3.8 seconds to go from 0 to 62 mph (0.2 seconds less than the basic model)

Specification and options

The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera comes with robotized mechanical e-gear as standard; a sports package including shock absorbers; and special suede-covered steering wheel.
The car is available in four colors: Midas Yellow, Borealis Orange, Telesto Gray and Noctis Black.
A few of the options that can be requested include the multimedia system with navigator and CD-changer; a rear video camera to make parking easier (with optional rear wing only); a Carbon accessories kit for the interior; a fixed rear spoiler; and carbon-ceramic brakes.

The new Gallardo Superleggera can be ordered through the dealer network starting March 2007


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