VW Golf V GTI Volkswagen Golf 5 GTIVolkswagen Golf 5 GTIThe Fifth Generation Volkswagen GTIVolkswagen’s return to the purity of the automaker’s original hot-hatch approach that essentially spurred a new car class.European launch mid 2005 with 200 horsepower 2.0T four-cylinder engine, new independent sports-suspension, six-speed manual.The new GTI is a solid and aggressive sports model with a unique automatic manual DSG transmission that utilizes direct shifting which essentially automatically depresses clutch-shift points more efficiently and quicker than even a professional driver can. DSG with Tiptronic is a tempting option for drivers, as well as those simply seeking the convenience of an automated transmission. The DSG transmission permits fully automatic or manual gear changes using a twin-clutch, wet-plate design that eliminates the power interruption associated with traditionally clutched gear changes. The result is sports performance and unexpected fuel efficiency.But the GTI today is all purity, and for those who want the unique control of a clutch, the all-new GTI comes with a standard six-speed manual transmission. Top speed is electronically governed at 130 mph in the U.S.The HeartThe heart of the 2006 GTI is Volkswagen’s 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 200 bhp at 5,100 to 6,000 rpm and 207 ft.-lbs. of torque from 1,800 to 5,000 rpm. This transverse, front-mounted engine incorporates dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, and maintenance-free hydraulic lifters for smooth, worry-free operation. A fully electronic engine management system includes drive-by-wire throttle control and FSI direct injection for optimal fuel delivery, which increases power, improves efficiency, and reduces emissions.Exterior DesignThe new GTI’s front offers no confusion with the upcoming Golf, employing a black honeycomb design with a decisive red frame strip outlining the radiator portion. The honeycomb design carries to the lower grille sections, which hosts halogen fog lights. The headlight housings use chip-resistant polycarbonate lenses to show off the HID lamps with little VW badges.The InteriorGTI-exclusive interior treatments include special alloy treatments throughout, from the interior door sills and handles to the distinct pedals. Sporty brushed-metal accents surround the A/C controls, head unit. The instrument panel gauges are aluminum and black with a chrome surround.The GTI’s unique three-spoke, leather wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel with audio and telephone controls is adjustable and telescoping for the optimal driving position.4 Cup Holders6 Airbags60/40 Rear Seat6-speed Manual8-way Adjustable SeatThe standard manual seats were designed to let you find the absolute most comfortable driving position possible, because we all come in different shapes and sizes.The aluminum pedals in your the GTI got rubber grips to help keep control whether you’re launching or cornering.Includes the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Engine Braking Assist (EBA) Sometimes when you downshift too hard, the reduced gear ratio and engine compression can cause skidding. Not with the intelligence of VW at the wheel. Using the wheel speed sensors, the system monitors the drive wheels for slippage and modulates engine braking torque to prevent skidding.Standard In: 2-door and 4-door, Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) In conjunction with the ABS, ASR and EDL systems, plus additional sensors, the Electronic Stabilization Program helps the driver maintain their intended course during evasive maneuvering, like avoiding an accident, by applying brake pressure to specific wheels. , Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) Anti-Slip Regulation helps prevent wheel slippage at all speeds and denies engine power in situations when wheel slip is detected. So, balance and equal traction are never compromised. , Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD) Working in conjunction with our Anti-lock Braking System, EBD senses exactly how your VW is braking, then applies just the right amount of braking power to each individual wheel as needed. For example, brake hard and the weight shifts to the front of your car; EBD senses that and applies more braking up front. So if you’re ever forced to slam on the brakes there’s a better chance you’ll stay in a straight line. And in your lane. and Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) Sometimes, drivers will apply the brake quickly, but without enough pressure to activate the ABS system. VW’s HBA recognizes how quickly the brakes were pressed, and automatically kicks in maximum ABS effectiveness to help give you maximum deceleration.Once a VW hits 8 miles per hour, the doors automatically lock. This helps to keep the passengers safe inside the cabin of the VW. Just pull the handle twice to unlock the doors, or press the unlock button.As part of our Crash Response System, your VW will automatically unlock all doors after the airbags are deployed.Auxiliary Input JackThis little hole makes your VW a lot cooler. The auxiliary input is located inside the glove box of your GTI. You can plug in your iPod® or even your guitar and listen to it through your GTI’s stereo.Brake Pad Wear IndicatorVW thought it would be polite to let you know if your brake pads are almost worn away before they’re gone completely, reducing the possibility of damaging your brake rotors.Brake Transmission Shift InterlockTo prevent accidental shifting in a VW, your foot has to be on the brake in order to shift out of drive – in any direction. With this system, you also can’t remove the key from the ignition if the brake isn’t pressed. In fact, you can’t remove the key unless your VW model is in park, either.Brushed AluminumThe interior of your GTI has got a trim that resembles brushed aluminum, which wraps around the dash, around the gauges and the center console.Buckle Switch IndicatorThe front safety belts want nothing more than to keep you safe. It’s in their DNA. Which is why the VW buckle sensor switch can detect if you’re not wearing the safety belts, and will actually deploy the airbag faster if any weight is detected on the seat.Center-mounted Window Brake LampFor additional safety, there’s an additional third brake light mounted higher than the others, right in the middle of your VW’s backside. Baby, got brakes.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorCrash Optimized Front EndThe crash optimized front end has impact-absorbing elements which are integrated into the front structure. These elements allow compression of the front structure during impact. We don’t just watch out for our cars, we watch out for each other. It’s designed so the energy on impact goes into the car and not you.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorCrash Optimized PedalsAll VW models are designed so even the foot pedals can break off helping to reduce the chances of foot injuries. It’s an amazing feet (sorry we couldn’t resist.)Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorDaytime Running LampsEvery VW is equipped with daytime running lights. After all, research proves they improve driver visibility in oncoming traffic during the day. So no need to worry about turning them on your friendly neighborhood VW will take care of it for you.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorDeformable Steering ColumnThe deformable steering column is designed to actually collapse upon impact to help prevent injuries to the driver. Think pirate’s spyglass.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorDiversity AntennaAn antenna system which has two physical antennae. Whichever antenna has the stronger signal for any given channel is used as the receiver, making sure you get the best reception possible.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorDoor Entry ReflectorsEverything on a VW is carefully thought out. Even the reflectors on the doors are strategically placed for maximum visibility by other drivers when the door is open. In accordance with German logic: the more people that are aware of your presence, the safer you are.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorDriver and Passenger Frontal Airbags**These are the stars of our safety system. They’re activated in certain types of vehicle collisions when sensors trigger their deployment in just milliseconds. Safe Happens.Standard In: 2-door and 4-door**Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.DSG®It’s a completely automatic transmission when you want it to be. But, it’s also an F1 race-inspired transmission that shifts in just 2/10s of a second with the tap of a paddle when it’s time to have some fun. And when equipped with launch control, simply put your DSG transmission in sport mode, press the ESP off button, keep your left foot on the brake and then press the gas pedal to the floor. Take your foot off the brake. Blast off. Automatic onlyDual Exhaust TipsThey’re a complement to the rear of your GTI. Or, maybe they’re 2 complements.Front SeatsThe high bolsters and deep buckets keep you right behind the steering wheel when piloting your GTI.Heatable Rearview MirrorsHeated Washer NozzlesHeight Adjustable and Rising Ramp SeatsThe standard manual seats were designed to let you find the absolute most comfortable driving position possible,The honeycomb pattern in the grille and bumper allows air to flow through more quickly in your GTI. This helps to keep the intercooler and front brakes nice and cool, which equals even better performance.Immobilizer IIIPart of the theft deterrent system, this system will allow the vehicle to start if a key with the appropriate digital coding is inserted into the ignition. If anything without that coding is inserted into the ignition, the immobilizer disables the ignition and your VW cannot be started.To the untrained eye, it may seem like there is no trunk latch on the GTI at all. But, it’s actually part of the shiny VW logo right in the middle of the hatch.Interlagos InteriorFor the true enthusiast, the interior of the GTI has the VW-specific Interlagos plaid pattern. Just like the original hot hatch.Intermittent Windshield WipersIn a VW, when it’s not raining hard enough to turn the wipers on continually, our intermittent feature wipes away rain just often enough so you can see the road clearly.Lane Change Feature BlinkerWith the VW lane change feature, all you’ve got to do is tap the blinker once in the direction of your choice when changing lanes and the blinker will blink 3 times, all on it’s own.Laser Seam WeldingThe welding technique that is used on the GTI. It’s seamless and helps create a more rigid body. Which equals less flex. Which equals a safer ride with better handling. Plus. Plus.Launch ControlThe fastest and most precise way of getting from 0 to 60. Simply put your DSG® transmission in sport mode, press the ESP off button, keep your left foot on the brake and then press the gas pedal to the floor. Take your foot off the brake. Blast off.MFIThe Multi-Function Indicator is a trip computer that not only tells you things like outside temperature, engine temperature and how far you’ve traveled, it will even let you know how much farther you can travel based on the amount of fuel in the tank.Pinch Protection on Power Windows helps reduce the risk of injury to a set of unsuspecting fingers when the windows are closing.Premium VII StereoThe Premium VII Stereo has an in-dash 6-disc changer that is MP3 compatible and satellite ready too.Rear Hatch SpoilerThis spoiler may look like just an aesthetic complement to your GTI, but it actually helps create a down draft to keep your GTI more stable.The brake calipers are painted with heat-resistant, bright red paint.SafetyPassenger Occupant Detection SystemYour VW can detect the size of both you and your passenger, then deploy the airbags more effectively based on the severity of impact if you have an accident.Safety Belt ReminderVWs want you to know everyone is safe. That’s why if any passenger isn’t wearing his or her safety belt, your VW gives you a gentle heads up.Standard In: 2-door and 4-doorSide Airbag Pressure SensorsVW puts sensors in the doors, in side impact situations this is where the pressure is first detected. Sounds obvious, but not everyone does. This way, the sensors detect precisely when and where outside force is occurring, and deploy the airbags accordingly. In a crash, milliseconds can make all the difference.Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemA sensor built into the valve stem of each tire reads the air pressure, alerting you when the pressure is too low. Properly inflated tires make the vehicle both safer and more fuel-efficient.When you push the brake pedal, pads squeeze both sides of the disc to slow and stop the wheel. Our vented brake rotors cool better so they work better, too. To date, it’s the most effective ABS platform available.SuspensionSport SuspensionThe GTI comes standard with track tuned sport suspension. Making it sit lower and corner tighter.Stabilizer BarsStable is good. Placed on the front and rear suspension, these bars minimize your VW’s tilt in a sharp turn – again, giving you better control of your vehicle, letting you stop quicker.Sway BarsThese tubular, steel sway bars keep your GTI’s chassis from getting all twisty when going through the twisties.Base MSRP for 2008 GTI 2 Door is $22,730. Price excludes transportation, taxes, options, title and dealer charges. Dealers set actual price.


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